Our Founders

Vici Prodromitis

Vici, having had personal experiences with her mother and sister who had cancer, knows what it is like to have a family member need help to keep their life comfortable while relying on the good will of others to help where needed. Vici feels that in order to help a patient heal during treatments, the patient should have a clean environment which ComforTree provides. "Having a clean home lifts the spirits which helps the healing process. Every time I schedule a cleaning, I feel great knowing that I am helping someone who really needs a break. When I leave I walk away feeling proud of what I am doing and where my life has lead."

Donna Sandvig

Donna, having felt hopeless and helpless as her father battled cancer, decided she wanted to help other cancer patients get what they need. Both Vici and Donna feel very blessed in their lives and that empowers them to want to help others. "We don't only clean a person's home, we also get to know them and become connected to their lives. Besides the cleaning service, we offer smiles, conversations and sometimes a shoulder to cry on. I feel very fortunate to be able to volunteer. To give time to someone who truly needs it, is a simple thing to do, and creates a sense of satisfaction that is endless."

About Our Logo

Our Logo Represents our beliefs and the core values of the ComforTree organization. The tree represents strength, growth, and the renewal that comes with each season. It reminds us how we are all connected by nature and are all part of the planet. The leaves symbolize many of the different colors of cancer. Like Cancer we do not discriminate.

Our Mission

ComforTree is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization (Tax-ID 27-0338900) founded in May 2009. Our mission is to help make cancer patients and their families lives more manageable by providing free monthly non toxic housecleaning while they are undergoing treatment. ComforTree is the only non profit organization providing free monthly non toxic house cleaning to all cancer patients (men, women and families with children) regardless of the type of cancer for up to one year while the patient is in treatment. Treatment is defined as chemo-therapy, radiation treatment, recovering from a surgery due to cancer and/or coming home for hospice due to cancer.

Our Vision

ComforTree is an ambitious organization with an ambitious vision.

Our organization is founded on the belief that in order to help a patient heal, we must address the need to care for everyone affected by cancer - not only the patients but the family and friends that support them. When a patient is diagnosed with cancer and the priorities shift, housecleaning can often be the last thing on the mind. We believe that a clean home has an emotional affect that lifts the patient's spirits and renews the patient’s mental health, crucial steps in total mind and body recovery.ComforTree believes that only non-toxic cleaning products should be used in everyone's homes. By using only non-toxic products we can help to protect other family members from being exposed to toxins that may contribute to the development of certain cancers. We are concerned with the Earth's health as well. When ComforTree cleans your home we do not pollute the water, air or ground. It is our goal to teach by example the benefits and ease of going green in the home. Lastly, we believe in a pay it forward approach to healing and wellness. Once patients have healed, we encourage them to volunteer with ComforTree. This gives them a chance to give back directly to those that have helped them. Knowing they will have an opportunity to help other patients while they are in treatment is uplifting. Knowing that we encourage everyone to give back by volunteering with us gives the patient a sense of strength and self-respect. Knowing this, ComforTree works relentlessly with determination and ambition to see healing spread and disease diminished.

The ultimate goal for ComforTree is to be nationwide, helping every cancer patient and their support network in need of our services. Cancer doesn’t discriminate and neither does ComforTree.