At ComforTree, we take pride in the positive feedback from our patients. Feel free to read some of the examples below!

"ComforTree has been a blessing for some of my patients. When they are sick and tired from chemotherapy or radiation, the last thing that they have energy for is housecleaning. Unfortunately, most people feel more relaxed and comfortable in a clean home, which poses a challenge for cancer patients receiving treatment. It is important for patients to conserve their energy for more important things like healing and spending time with loved ones. By providing free housecleaning, ComforTree allows patients peace of mind during what can be a very stressful time. They are truly angels!!!"

"My first interaction with Vici and ComforTree was during one of my homecare visits with a cancer patient. My patient was so happy to have the there. They were using all natural products and the place smelled so fresh and clean. Not only did they do a great job cleaning up her place, but they were compassionate as well I have been able to refer their services to many of my cancer patients undergoing treatment at this time. When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, undergoing cheotherapy, radiation and doctor appointments, it's nice at the end of the day to come home to a clean home to find rest and comfort. Thank you ComforTree, for all you do to help my patients b freeing up their tie to enjoy life to the fullest."

"Thank you so much for the cleaning services you provided last week. You and your team did such a wonderful job. My husband and I are so appreciative of your program and help."

"ComforTree has been a God send for me... They are all lovely wonderful people that show up monthly to assist me with things I either can't do anymore or have a hard time doing.. as I have a hard time bending over, things like mopping, vacuuming and the bathtub are very hard for me.. and they appear like fairies and when they leave - my house feels so wonderful. I can't thank them enough. "

"I am writing to let everyone know how ComforTree has helped me during my illness. It all started when my mother kept telling me to get a cleaning person in to help me on the weeks that I receive chemotherapy. I procrastinated thinking "I can do it." I was going to Stop & Shop one Sunday and just finished talking to my mother before I went in to shop. As I came to the entrance I saw a table with this banner ComforTree on it. I walked up to talk to the two ladies manning the table asking what ComforTree was exactly. They said it was a cleaning service for people going through treatment for cancer. I was stunned! Here I was just talking about it and here they were.

They explained that they verify with your doctor that you are receiving treatment and then they set up and appointment to come over and clean. I asked about the products they use, because I was having sensory side effects from chemo. They explained they use all natural products that have no smell. Wow, this was getting better and better. I gave them a donation, they gave me their business card and I said I’d have to think about it.

I went home and told my mom. Of course, she yelled at me for not taking advantage of this service. That week when I was at my cancer center getting treatment, I asked one of the nurses if she had heard of ComforTree. She replied that yes she has, and they are a very responsible, caring team who wish to help people in my situation. She told me I should give them a call. I gave Vici a call and set up an appointment . Two weeks later Vici and Donna were at my home cleaning and I MEAN CLEANING! I thought it would be light surface cleaning only. They really clean bathrooms (I have two), vacuuming, dusting, floors and they wipe down all the walls. I was blown away! They clean as if it was their own home. ComforTree has been a God send. I couldn’t keep up the cleaning and they just come in and relieve some to your stress knowing your house is clean.

Anyone receiving treatment should look into getting help with your cleaning. We think we can still do it all and not let our illness get in the way, but it does. If someone is offering help, take it. It took me awhile to accept this and now I can worry about one less chore. ComforTree is there to help."

"Vici & Donna,

My mom and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help and fellowship today. You both are truly a blessing!

-Alma and Norma"